The physical or social setting in which people live or in which something happens or develops
— MIL•IEU (mēl-ˌyü or mil-yoo) n.

Developed by Milieu Design

Give us a challenging space, a unique vision, an empty slate, or a specific request and we will help you transform your milieu into a memorable place with enduring value. This includes ideation, visionary thinking, branding, sustainability and healthy living studies, urban design, site planning, finish selections, design detailing and even furniture design! 

I am so impressed with the transformation of this is historic Logan building! The architectural bones have been preserved, leveraged into the design, breathes vitality & a modern vibe into downtown.

About The Flats

The repurposed spaces at the Flats showcase juxtaposing elements with character and charm.

The modern and traditional touch features raw, exposed and unfinished materials. Exposed concrete and stone serve as a backdrop. Revealed ceiling pipes and air ducts get that industrial punch as sleek metal lighting and stainless steel accent the rooms.